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4D Theater Alert HZC-8A

Power Supply 3N+PE 380V/220V,50Hz

Installed Capacity 85kVA

Site Height ≥4.5m

Min. Turning Radius 3m

Rotating Speed ≤14.5r/min

Run Speed ≤2m/s

Track Length 152m

Load 7cars*8riders/car=56riders

Area 45*40m=1800m2

Running Time About 6min

Theory Hour Capacity 500riders/hour


Ride Description

With 3D glasses on, passengers go through a virtual filming of exciting animated games. At each game play set, the vehicle will stop, passengers will grab the spring-action blaster and take aim at various 3D targets; the more targets are hit, the higher score will get. After each game completed, the vehicle will slide and rotate quickly to the next game. After the game is over, the total score of all players will show up on the displayer. Passengers cannot only have fun at the shooting game and 3D animation, but also have a happy competition with other players for the highest score as a game champion. 

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Why Choose Golden Horse?

1. Leading rides designer, only listed rides manufacturer;

2. Large varieties of rides, and capable and skilled in exclusive design;

3. Excellent integration for immersive attractions;

4. Experienced in international projects, full service;

5. Proved quality internationally with affordable price;

6. Favorable technical support and aftersales service;

7. Scores of patents, creations never end. 

8. Employees 1000+, engineers 160+, production area 150,000 + sqm;


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Q: How long is the production time?

A: For standard products, the delivery time is 6-8 months; For the customized rides, it would takes 2 more months for changing the design.

Q: Who will construct the foundation of the rides?

A: The buyer will contruction the foundation base on the foundtation condition drawing we provide.

Q: How do you ensure the safety of your rides?

A: Safety is Golden Horse's life. We have complete quality control system from design to installation, and passed ISO 9001 certificaiton.

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