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Technical Force

The company is able to provide full-cycle technology research and  technical services from product creation, planning and research. The company's technical level is mainly reflected in the system research and development mode, professional creative P-焊接机械人 Welding Robot.jpgplanning and research and development team, the mastery of the core technology of amusement facilities, personalized innovative amusement facilities and other aspects.


Systematic research and development model

According to the creative, planning, research and production characteristics of amusement facilities products, combined with the accumulation of years of research and development experience, and by referring to the leading research and development mode of foreign countries, the company has formed a comprehensive, systematic "product innovation, planning and research mode" covering the whole life cycle of products.

Meanwhile, based on the safety requirements of the amusement facility manufacturing industry and the establishment of the company's brand image, the company has formed a "two-channel comparative safety verification guarantee mechanism". Different methods and teams are used to verify and compare with each other for the same batch of development tasks, so as to improve the success rate of project development and ensure the safety of the developed products.

Professional creative, planning and research team

The company's professional creative, planning and R&D team covers mechanical engineering, mechanics, automation, electronic information, computers, composite materials, industrial design, arts and crafts, animation and film, etc., through CAD secondary

P-CNC数控机床 CNC Lathe.jpgdevelopment, finite element analysis, Multi-body dynamic simulation, electrical system safety control, online dynamic detection of operating parameters and dual PLC control system , has realized the system integration, series product development and industrialization of large-scale amusement equipment.

Mastering the core technology of rides

After years of technical accumulation, the company has gradually mastered a number of core technologies in the development and production process of amusement facilities, including: the design of the track based on CAD secondary development, the technology of the scooter track, and the silent control of the amusement facilities, innovative Ferris wheel spindle technology, launching mechanism of amusement facilities, and screen positioning device for shooting amusement equipment are relatively mature in terms of manufacturing process and technical level. Moreover, according to the experience of foreign industry development, the company focuses its core competitiveness on the comprehensive service capabilities of customer's personalized products such as creativity, planning, research, production, installation and after-sales.

 Personalized and innovative ride facilities

Golden Horse's product development process adopts a risk analysis method to evaluate the safety risks of the entire life cycle of amusement facilities, eliminating and reducing product risks, all reaching domestic leading and international advanced design levels. Through the innovative design of sports innovation, structural innovation and combination innovation, industry-leading animation system integration technology for the animation, film and television integration, Golden Horse has a full range of personalized and innovative amusement facilities.

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